I bought a starter from this company for my Yanmar diesel. First off, even though the ad lists the starter as a "New Hitachi" starter, and the invoice says "New Hitachi" starter, it is not a Hitachi starter. They sell generic Chinese knock offs. If you read the fine print in the ad, it says manufactured by Spider Marine. This confusion I accept as my fault for not reading more closely. However, you can buy the same generic starters on eBay as Spider Marine sells for significantly less money.

Now the real issue. My new starter shattered on me after a month of use. I was on an extended sailing trip in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, I had brought my old starter with me, just in case. I sent pictures of the damage to Spider Marine. I got a reply fairly quickly from the "sales manager". Now having dealt with the company several times and having done some research, I now know this is the only person you can deal with. He's a one man show. And he's extraordinarily arrogant. In response to my email showing the broken starter, I was given a "physics" lesson and told that my account of the events- I had simply tried to start my engine- must have been false. He did, however, agree to take it back. I told him I was still on my trip and would send it when I could.

I finally got a chance to send it back about a month and a half later. The tracking number showed they had received the defective starter, but I couldn't get a hold of them/him. I tried calling and emailing. I finally received a reply 2 weeks later saying that the damage wasn't warrantied. I reminded him he had already said it was. The next reply was that it was past the 30 day return limit. I replied that I was never told of any limit on the return authorization, even though I had told him I was still out on my trip when it had happened and didn't know when I was going to be able to ship it back. His reply was simply a link to their return policy. It then became clear to me that he never had any intention of sending me a new starter and honouring the warranty. He was kind enough, however, to offer to ship me back my broken starter at my expense.


Spider Marine should be avoided. The sales manager is arrogant. They have a professional looking website, but that is the only professional thing about the company. If you look at their address on google street view, you'll see what I mean. I have purchased dozens of marine products only. Buying online can be a bit of a *** shoot. I was, unfortunately, fooled into thinking Spider Marine was a professional company. A company where, if you had a problem, you could talk to someone who was reasonable and understood what customer service was. This is not Spider Marine. If you do still choose to buy a starter from him, you may just get parts from my old defective starter as I'm certain he's just going to take parts off and resell it.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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